Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, Ping Pang Pong offers a culinary journey through the rich landscape of Chinese cuisine. Ping Pang Pong is an award-winning Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas that has been serving up some of the best dim sum and Chinese food in the city for over 20 years.

  • Ping Pang Pong
    4000 W Flamingo Rd Gold Coast Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV 89103 Hotline: (702) 247-8136

Ping Pang Pong: The Best Chinese Restaurant in Las Vegas

Our story began in 1998, when chef Ping Pang opened a small dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas. The restaurant quickly became popular for its delicious food and friendly service. In 2005, Ping Pang Pong moved to its current location, a larger space that could accommodate more guests. . The restaurant's journey, peppered with prestigious awards and accolades, tells a story of commitment to excellence.

Authentic Chinese Cuisine

Ping Pang Pong's menu is a testament to the diversity and richness of Chinese cuisine. From expertly prepared dim sum that transports diners to the bustling streets of Guangzhou, to regional specialties that narrate China's culinary diversity, the restaurant has something for every palate. Not to forget the vegetarians, with a range of dishes designed to delight. The secret? Impeccable ingredients and masterful cooking techniques that ensure every dish is a revelation.

Must-Try Dishes at Ping Pang Pong

  • Dim Sum: A no-brainer. Dive into the world of delicious bites with their har gow, siu mai, and cha siu bao.
  • Peking Duck: It's an experience - crispy, flavorful, and served traditionally with pancakes, hoisin sauce, and scallions. Absolute perfection.
  • Kung Pao Chicken: Love a bit of heat? This classic dish with its spicy sauce, peanuts, and veggies will not disappoint.
  • Mapo Tofu: Bold, authentic, and packed with flavors. The combination of tofu, ground beef, and Sichuan peppercorns is a match made in heaven.

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Why Ping Pang Pong Stands Out?

Diverse and quality menu

Step into the enchanting world of Ping Pang Pong, where every dish tells a story of tradition, quality, and culinary excellence. Our secret?

  • Fresh ingredients, directly imported from China, ensuring each bite is as authentic as it is delicious.
  • Behind the scenes, our team of experienced chefs, each a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine, crafts dishes that are not only diverse and rich but also tailored to satisfy all tastes and dietary needs.
  • We pride ourselves on offering this exceptional dining experience at reasonable prices, reflecting the true quality of our food. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or exploring Chinese cuisine for the first time, Ping Pang Pong promises a journey of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds without weighing down your wallet. Join us and discover the perfect harmony of taste, tradition, and value.

Professional service

The staff at Ping Pang Pong embody professionalism and a deep knowledge of Chinese cuisine, contributing significantly to the dining experience. From thoughtful recommendations to accommodating special requests, the team ensures every visit is memorable. Additional conveniences like easy reservations and a swift delivery service only add to the allure, making every meal a pleasure.

Ambiance and Experience

Ping Pang Pong excels not only in its culinary offerings but also in creating an ambiance that's both elegant and welcoming. It's an ideal spot for all kinds of gatherings, from intimate birthdays to grand celebrations, promising an experience that's as delightful as the food. The stories of unforgettable moments shared within its walls are a testament to the unique experience Ping Pang Pong offers.

Uncover Irresistible Deals and Promotions at Ping Pang Pong

Deals and Promotions Available at Ping Pang Pong: Savvy diners will delight in the latest deals and promotions offered by Ping Pang Pong. Whether it's special seasonal menus, discount offers, or exclusive dining packages, staying updated on these opportunities ensures a rewarding dining experience without compromising on quality or authenticity.

Location & Operating Hours

Ping Pang Pong restaurant promises to bring you a unique and unforgettable Chinese culinary experience.