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Thomas L.

This Chinese restaurant is a hidden gem and a go-to for delicious food. Visiting for dinner, we initially planned to attend Super Bowl pregame festivities at a busy fancy place but ended up here due to the crowd. Known for dim sum, the service took a bit of time, but the friendly server made excellent recommendations, including the popular salt and pepper pork chop.

Starting with the special of the day, dry oyster and pork bone soup with hair vegetable, it was exceptionally good, even factoring in my hunger. The crab dish, though tasty, reminded me of the effort it takes to eat crab, making it unlikely for me to order again, not being a super crab fanatic. The salt and pepper pork, however, was a highlight – delicious, crispy outside, and tender inside, contrary to some negative reviews.

The sautéed spinach with egg pieces was also delightful, though I felt full without the eggs. Overall, it was a solid choice for Chinese food, with satisfying portions that left us all happy. Despite being located in a lower-profile casino and not receiving much press, we'll definitely keep this restaurant on our list.

Rustin L.

While I wouldn't claim this place has the absolute best dim sum, the food is undeniably excellent. It's not a critique; there are just a few places that I slightly prefer.

What truly captivates me about this establishment is its late-night service. After a show or any late-night activity, you can still indulge in freshly cooked Chinese food and even dim sum. The restaurant, spacious and immersed in Chinese ambiance, stands out from the typical sterile or untidy Chinese eateries. It exudes quality and class, with all servers fluent in Chinese and chopsticks being the primary choice – a genuine touch.

Although the casino might not be the finest, it's inconsequential because the main attraction is the food. Being older and off the strip means ample parking and easy access, adding to the overall convenience.

I won't delve into each dish, but the shrimp fried rice, an unusual choice for us, was a revelation. As someone who cooks fried rice at home, it highlighted the generous amount of oil needed to achieve that sinfully rich flavor. The dish left such an impression that I recreated it the next morning, still savoring its goodness from the night before.

So, if you find yourself craving late-night delights, this place has got you covered!

Ryan T.

If you're on the Gold Coast, you can't miss this great Chinese restaurant. No need to trek down to Chinatown – the food here is incredible and absolutely worth it. A heads-up, they serve dim sum in the morning. The service is top-notch, and there's always a line, so consider making reservations or opt for takeout. It can get quite bustling and loud, but the convenience, especially being in a casino, is unbeatable.

Edwin S.

Ping Pang Pong is a reminiscent journey to old Chinatown in New York, offering authentic flavors and the charm of push carts delivering delightful snacks. It's a classic dim sum experience situated off Flamingo Road, away from the bustling strip.

What sets it apart is the absence of lingering food or smoke odors, even though it's nestled in a casino.


  • Taste: 4.5/5
  • Ambience: 4/5
  • Service: 3/5
  • Value for money: 5/5

Our selections included:

  1. Siu-Mai (a dumpling/meatball): On point and highly recommended!
  2. Siu-Mai with scallop: Stick to the regular version; the scallop doesn't enhance the flavor.
  3. Pan-Fried Chives Sticker: Yummy but slightly greasy.
  4. Beef tendon & brisket: Tendon was a bit bland, the least impressive dish, especially with the unexpected presence of rice cakes underneath.
  5. Mango Pudding: A delightful end to the meal.
  6. Shrimp in Glutton rice: Well-executed.
  7. Roast pork Pastry: Highly recommended!

As an Asian familiar with NYC's culinary scene, this meal provided a refreshing break from the strip's fried fare and upscale steakhouses. Highly recommended!

Ramon S.

The food here is excellent, and the portions are generous. While the service is decent, there's room for improvement in terms of frequent check-ins. The dining area is impressive, but there's a slight drawback as the place carries a faint mop bucket smell, suggesting a need for a change in the floor cleaning water. Despite these minor concerns, the overall experience is enhanced by the outstanding and delicious food.